What people are saying about the workshops...

My experience was excellent, thank you.

Janice Florida

A gift which just keeps on giving, thank you, thank you.

Nina Utah

Beyond all my expectations.

Barbara New Jersey

Diane has a beautiful way of presenting the material and gleening information from each of us so that we got the most out of the experience.

Lynn New Jersey

Enlightened and joyed by this experience, thank you so much.

Diane, Amman, Jordon

Loved my connection with my heart and Gus, the horse.

Susan Florida

Powerful experience on so many levels, loved it.

Kathleen Florida

A very positive experience, I realise now I have more work to do to learn more about this process and myself. I truly learned, experienced more than I imagined and continue to do so....wow!

Adelina Florida

Thank you so very much for your gentle spirit Diane, you are a welcoming and loving teacher. The intimate and happy setting of your home was an added plus.

Eileen Florida

An amazing day, so freeing.

Elise Florida

Wonderful, life changing, playful self expression.

Lisa Florida

Community and reflection, such a safe and nurturing place to explore my own authenticity and self expression.

Teresa Florida

Powerful, who could have imaged that the art could reawaken my child like playfulness.

Barbara Florida

The work with the horses was simply amazing. I will never look at a horse the same way again. What an opportunity this workshop was. If you have a chance to participate, jump on it!

Dawn Florida

I am feeling a deep gratitude for our entire group as I continue to process this very rich experience. For me this was the next step in my development in tuning into a deeper sense of awareness.

Teresa Canada

Since this workshop, I have not slept so well in years. Looking forward to returning in 2017.

Toni Alabama

Exceeded all my expectations, so good.

Mark Florida

I am only now realizing the depth of the Holotropic Breathwork and the horses just amazed me, I will be back.

Karen Connecticut

Thank you, this weekend opened my heart, so many blessings to the horses, to my new friends, to Diane and JoEllen, and of course the breathwork.

Cathy California

This is life changing for me, when can I come back.

Teresa New Jersey
I originally did the clinic to get more in touch with my horse and myself. Well this changed fast. Just from the first few exercises I began to open my eyes to myself and my relationship to other people. We then worked with the horses I could see how they mirrored and responded to my energy. This program really gave insight into myself and to other people and how I handle situations in life. I would highly recommend the clinic to anyone wanting to further themselves. I think my horse appreciated also!
Cathy Florida

What people are saying about the masssage work...

At first her hands were warm to the touch. Within an instant they become cold as ice.

Silvery shimmering rays come from my right eyes "mind"sight

The rays ebb and flow becoming waves of water, flowing across my mind

Soon the waves transcend forming hands clasped in prayer

At first I can't believe, but with each brilliant second they become clearer....

So this was my real life (?) Diane experience. I knew I couldn't express it to you in person with everything the way it was (pure bliss). My tears would have gotten in the way. Thank you in so many ways!

Lori Colorado
Several years ago I broke my neck at C 1 and C 2. I had a bone fusion, titanium and a halo. Shortly after coming home from the hospital I contacted Diane. She began with reiki and once out of the halo she reset my body through craniosacral and other different modalities once a week. I don't know what I would have done with out her and her skills. I have a demanding job and am still able to work at 70! Also I am an avid rider of horses. I maintain a monthly schedule with Diane as she keeps me together. Thank you Diane.
Cathy Florida
I was referred to Diane because I was looking for a massage therapist who could help with structural pain. I found a compassionate, caring practitioner who has studied many healing modalities, integrated them, and applies them as my mind, body, spirit calls for them. She provides a safe, nurturing workspace that contributes to healing. She calls me (body, mind, and spirit) to be present, engaged, and aware that I am an active part of this healing. She helps me recognize how I can help myself feel better (how I move, that I move, my intake of water/breath/foods, etc) with thoughtful questions, if you want to feel better and want a knowledgeable, integrated, holistic, caring, intuitive practitioner, Diane is the best!
Gail Coffey Florida
Diane’s bodywork has been the most profound I have ever experienced. Bottom line - I have tons of pain and discomfort and she made me feel better when I was about to give up on bodywork. She helped me change from the inside out in the most comforting and comfortable way. Her work is very deep and simultaneously uplifting. I have worked with some world class healers and body workers for decades. Diane’s profound gifts are intense and extremely special. If you want to be well, work with Diane as soon as possible. I am so glad I did.
SSS Florida
The pain relief I have received from Diane's therapy has been truly miraculous for me. I highly recommend her Therapy to anyone seeking to regain or maintain their overall health and wellness.
Barbara L. Florida