ARE YOU OVERWHELMED? The holiday season, is a time when families and friends gather together in good cheer (hopefully) but unless we have attended to our own inner needs, the happy season can take a toll on us. Yes we all live busy lives, now add the extra activities of the holiday season into the mix and we have a very good recipe for being overwhelmed, tired, irritable and frustrated, but golly we are supposed to be happy, joyful and full of good cheer, what is wrong with this picture.


ANSWER:   nothing, with the very large exception that we have failed to recognize the building of our stress which has engaged our autonomic nervous system, initiating a flux of chemical changes in the body. If this shift in not recognized and addressed, over time it overwhelms the body as it becomes stuck in the ON position, constantly holding the body in a state of fight or flight tension which drains all our inner natural resources, both physically and emotionally.

How many of us take the time to de-stress our bodies or even have the awareness of the informational flow arising from our bodies that informs us that our stress is cumulating.  For many, the tell tale signs of stress are not noticed until we explode in an irritable outburst over some minor infraction that we do not truly understand yet defiantly defend or perhaps immerse ourselves in shame over the outburst. The further downside is we now find ourselves dealing with the “fall out” at the happy Christmas gathering as a consequence of our behavior.

SUGGESTION:    do not wait until the cumulated stress becomes a pressure cooker within, leaving the body no option but to vent, either by imploding into some type of withdrawal or exploding into some type of angry outburst. Take the time, on a regular basis, to seek out ways of developing an awareness of the language of the body in order to learn how to monitor and pace one’s self in the face of life’s inevitable stresses.   Whether the stresses arise from situations ranging from the simple frustration in finding a parking spot or all the way up the scale to managing big life events, the key is to learn to recognize the early warning signs which revolve around the fact that the Autonomic Nervous System has moved into arousal.

In our hectic world of man made rules and regulations, we have moved further away from the natural flow of our instincts which have an inherent wisdom of their own. Instead we tend to override them to our own detriment. In order to recognize the early warning signs of rising stress levels both within ourselves and in those around us, we need to re-learn what we always knew but have lost, and that is the understanding of our own body’s unique language. In this understanding we have a new found and early appreciation for what triggers us, who or what drains us and who or what restores and builds our energy and stamina.

Insideout Discoveries offers the opportunity to practice and play with the re-learning and re-engaging with the authentic language of the body through the unique experiential experiences of the non invasive power of Holotropic Breathwork and its intoxicating music, the non judgmental skill of horses and the body’s own creativeness.  Each provide opportunities to explore one’s own unconscious, habitual patterns of thought and behavior that contribute to the blocking of the natural flow of information between mind and body. This opportunity is offered in a safe, small group environment in Tarpon Springs, Florida.  The experiences are seen as a personal journey of exploration, learning the art of managing one’s own body through its authentic language. When we bring on-line this aspect of our deeper wisdom together with our logical yet overly conditioned and often story-telling, big brains, our relationships, both with ourselves and with those around us, develops and expands from a higher and more authentically informed state, allowing us to move into a more harmonious state with ourselves, your body will thank you. Refer to the list or workshop dates for 2017 on our website,

December 2016