Holotropic Breathwork™ and The Creative Mind

In the practice of Holotropic Breathwork, consciousness itself is the healer – what we call the Inner Healer. It’s not rocket science…… we heal by bringing into our awareness whatever was previously unconscious……we can literally live this healing power all through our everyday lives. In a sense, we discover that all of our life is an opportunity to heal, or a treasure house of transformation and a powerful gift for daily recurring life upgrades….. we become, in a profound sense, deeply, personally empowered. We only have one thing to offer others – individually or collectively; locally or globally: and this is the work we do on ourselves. We have no idea the power we hold deep within us.
- Extracts from a Holotropic summary by Tav Sparks
Author of: The Power Within: Becoming, Being, and the Holotropic Paradigm

The word Holotropic means moving towards wholeness which is what Holotropic Breathwork is about. It has its roots in the ancient and modern wisdoms that are found in anthropology, depth psychology, transpersonal psychology, Shamism and Eastern/Middle Eastern spiritual practices.

Each Holotropic Breathwork session is unique for every person. One may experience heightened awareness through the body’s five senses, insights into one’s biographical life, the peri natal journey and/or other experiences not of this world which relate to Carl Jung’s Collective Consciousness.

The practice entails sitting or lying comfortably for 2 ½ to 3hrs while surrounded by a style of music which has been combined into a flow that, when blended with an awareness of the breath, evokes the participant’s ability to by-pass the critical, analytical mind and access the deeper wisdom of their non-conscious mind or soul through what Dr. Grof refers to as a “non-ordinary state of consciousness”

This very safe means of accessing the inner realms of self was developed by Dr. Stan Grof, and is now practiced worldwide.

In today’s world there is little time or effort devoted to developing imagination, yet it is imagination which set us on fire, as it requires, as author of Trust the Process Shaun McNiff states “…sustained encounters with uncertainty”.
He goes on to state “…everyone carries an inherent license to create. Somehow, through the course of (life’s) experience, this freedom is restricted for the majority of people as the identification of “talent” tends to overshadow (imagination)….a person’s license to imagination is irrevocable and it opens to every corner of daily life….and its most successful products are often contrary to initial intentions”
This is what the Creativity aspect of our workshops can offer every person. We explore the possibilities of imagination and all that creating can bring forth in any form through multi media. No skill or “talent” is needed, simply the willingness to engage with imagination and be astounded as to what emerges.