Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning

Whether you are a savvy horse person or have no clue about horses, engaging with these sentient beings has become recognized as a physical and emotionally healing experience and our Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning program is no exception. Horses offer us biofeedback in a non judgmental manner which moves beyond the scope of words.

When a good dose of horse sense is combined with the HBW and/or other creative outlets, the outcome brings forth epiphanies which can be life enhancing, even life changing. This way of being with a horse will positively change your viewpoint on horses forever. No horse experience is necessary as the experiences are WITH our gentle horses, not ON them.

Equine facilitated experiential learning has grown in popularity over the past few years as a means of harnessing inner awareness with oneself. Standing side by side with our gentle horses, can open the door to the power which lies within each of us. The horse becomes a catalyst for exploring habitual non conscious, socially conditioned, thoughts and learned behaviors acquired over the years, some of which may no longer be serving us. The “aha’s” that may arise during the workshops cover a gamut of areas, examples being; why we may struggle with asserting ourself, or why conflict surrounds many of our relationships. Another could be; why do I struggle with low self esteem or “oh my gosh, I do have creativity/intuition/an inner healer "or "I can understand what drives me”. Although the list can be quite extensive, equally important to remember is that horses are non judgmental, extremely forgiving and a joy to be with. Combine this with the extraordinary music and power of Holotropic Breathwork, being out with nature, the birds, the sky, the trees, to have no agenda, no external demands, no phones and to truly have the time to just be, well, what can I say, it all comes together as an amazing experience, one that many participants have said has been life changing.

How do horses accomplish this?: As non predatory animals, they depend on their highly developed sensory systems for information and communication. Their ability to instantly recognize and react to changes in their environment is remarkable and the reason they have survived for 60 million years….much longer than us! These wonderful beings mirror our emotions so well, offering continual biofeedback for us by responding to changes in our respiration, body temperature, muscle tension, body stance, heart rate and also to that unspoken, non tangible, something else which arises from deep within us, what I call the subtle “energy shift into congruity with oneself”. It is this innate talent along with their ability to live their lives on a moment to moment basis, which makes horses such unique partners and teachers in guiding us to our own “centeredness”, our own sensory awareness. During the workshop we offer an activity, or series of activities, STANDING with, (NOT ON,) the horse(s), allowing them to engage with us through THEIR sensory awareness systems. Opportunities arise for participants to be subtly invited by the horse, to become aware of, explore and perhaps even “let go” of some of the habitual, non productive, often unconscious, thoughts and behaviors which have impeded personal growth and well being. This is the magic of the horse.