Craniosacral and Visceral Manipulation Massage Therapies

Located in Tarpon Springs, Diane has maintained a private massage practice since her licensure as a Licensed Massage Therapist in 1995 in the State of Florida, specializing in relief from acute and chronic pain.

Each person is unique in their healing potential and although Diane has studied many modalities of massage over the past two decades, the focus of her practice lies with the subtlies and less invasive practices of Visceral Manipulation and Craniosacral Therapies which may further be combined with other bodywork techniques such as neuromuscular, myofascial, and somatic emotional release as is appropriate for each individual client.

What is Visceral Manipulation? A light, hands on technique which addresses the organs of the body and their surrounding tissue.  Developed by osteopath, Dr. Jean Pierre Barral, his research has revealed that 90% of soft tissue pain and dysfunction can have a relationship to the organs of the body.  All organs have an ongoing rhythmic motion which when impeded by adhesions, scar tissue, body armoring and such like, will have a local or global negative effect on the functioning of the body, physically and emotionally.

What is Craniosacral Therapy? A light hands on technique that primarily addresses the central nervous system of the body.  When this core area of the body is moved into greater ease, the potential for the body to spontaneously reorganization itself into improved alignment and balance, physically and emotionally, is made possible.

Both modalities offer short and long term improvement which range from subtle to powerful, depending on the body's healing crisis.  Both are pleasing to receive and offer immediate stress release.  The first session is for two hours with any follow up sessions being one and half hours.