In our practice of Holotropic Breathwork, consciousness itself is the healer – what we call the Inner Healer. It’s not rocket science. That’s one reason why I love this thing. We heal by bringing into our awareness whatever was previously unconscious. We first experience this through systematic inner work in sessions using deep breathing and powerful music to access unconscious material within our psyche. But once we have become well acquainted with these dynamics, the real fruit of the holotropic process becomes available to us. This fruit is that we can literally live this healing power all through our everyday lives. In a sense, we discover that all of our life is an opportunity to heal, or a treasure house of transformation and a powerful gift for daily recurring life upgrades. We cease to be victims. We become, in a profound sense, deeply, personally empowered. We only have one thing to offer others – individually or collectively; locally or globally: And this is the work we do on ourselves. We have no idea the power we hold deep within us. Whether we are ready or not, we can imagine ourselves as, once and for all, planetary citizens. Deep truth and authentic personal power reveal to us that we are not victims here. We are not helpless.
– Tav Sparks

Author of The Power Within: Becoming, Being, and the Holotropic Paradigm


Holotropic Breathing is faster and deeper than usual; generally no other specific instructions are given before or during the session as to the rate, pattern, and nature of breathing. The experience is entirely internal and largely nonverbal, without interventions. Exceptions are constriction in the throat, management problems, excessive pain or fear threatening the continuation of the session, and explicit request of the Breather.

Music (or other forms of acoustic stimulation — drumming, nature sounds, etc.) is an integral part of the Holotropic process. Typically, the choice of music follows a characteristic pattern that reflects the most common unfolding of the Holotropic experiences: at the beginning, it is evocative and stimulating, later it becomes increasingly dramatic and dynamic, and finally it reaches a breakthrough quality. Following the culmination, it is appropriate to shift gradually to quieter music and end with peaceful, flowing, and meditative selections.

Each session lasts approx. 2 ½ to 3 hours, with participants sitting or lying comfortably on individual air beds or foam mattresses for the duration of the session. A sense of no time is generally part of the process, so many are surprised at the end by what seemed like a rapid passing of 3hrs.

Holotropic Breathwork is a self guided personal journey of self discovery, it is not intended as professional therapy. Initially fluctuations in emotions may be experienced following this experience, which often leads to deeper insights, openings and releases. No long term negative effects as a result of the work have been noted.